The weather may not have felt springlike … and a sudden storm on Saturday paused the festivities, but there were beautiful blue skies, loads of vendors, beer trucks, and music so we still had a lovely time at the 2021 Springfest!

Bob and I were slammed with work on Saturday, so we didn’t arrive until 3:00 pm. We headed straight for the beer tents and as fate would have it, ran into our new neighbors!

I think we’re gonna get along just fine. 😉

After some chatting, the four of us headed to the vendor tents. In previous years, Springfest was set up with massive enclosed tents with four rows of vendor booths inside. This year, they changed it so each booth is open to the outside, allowing better Covid-friendly air circulation.

Picnic tables were also more spread out and the food tent had two open sides as well. The new set-up gave everything a breezier feel!

And speaking of those tents … they held up well when a sudden heavy storm with monsoon-like winds had everyone bunkering down for about fifteen minutes!

And that poor person in a port-of-pot that tipped slightly. Oh, Lawd. Hope they mentally recover from that!

There were less vendors than in previous years … we’re guessing 70%, and some of our favorites weren’t there, but we still managed to spend some money!

Once we came across the Larimar Ocean, Bob knew we were gonna stay for a while since I absolutely LOVE their jewelry!

This year, I bought earrings to replace the ones I had lost. I also found a cute bracelet with mismatched stones and beads for only $10.00 but I regretfully forgot their company name.

I was certain to take note of Beach Memories since they have a shop in Berlin, Maryland that we hope to visit soon! They have a hot glass studio where you can watch glass artisans while they work or take a workshop to learn how. Another thing for the Sand Bucket List!

Bob and I are slowly decorating our beach house with special artwork picked up here and there and once I saw this sign from Keystone Steel Company, I had to have it!

Choose joy? Why, yes, please!

We liked it so much that we returned later on Sunday to buy three more pieces, with a fourth thrown in free by the lovely shop owner. Happy Mother’s Day to me!! Once we found out she’s from Pittsburg, PA, a city we absolutely love, we chatted about the Great Allegheny Passage with her offering new places to visit during our next bike tour!

Before leaving, Bob’s temptation had him trying bacon-wrapped scallops that would have been great had they been a little warmer. Understandable, though, since it was nearing closing time.

We then said goodbye to Springfest and headed to De Lazy River for some dinner!

‘Til next year!

Want amazing views of the bay and tropical ambiance? Then you’ll like De Lazy River. This is where we go when we’re in the mood for light fare and atmosphere!

They weren’t busy, so we were able to sit at our favorite booth at the end of the boathouse. Bob tried the Creamsicle Crush fish bowl-sized, which he thought was okay. Next time, he’ll get the smaller size so he can try others!

All in all, a great day! We got a ton of work done during the day, (I completely redesigned our company website which has only been on my to-do list for …. oh, five years,) and then we had some lovely rewards later.

So if you’re in Ocean City next May during Springfest weekend, be sure to check it out! Or mark your calendars for Sunfest Weekend, which will be September 30th – October 3, 2021! Hopefully, things will be calmer with Covid and there will be even more vendors. Hope to see you there!

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