Best of OC

Whenever I meet an Ocean City local or fan, I always ask … where’s your favorite breakfast? Dinner? An absolute must-do? I adore discovering what other people love, so in case you’re curious about my favs, (with honorable mentions,) here’s mine!

Now, Bob and I will be the first to admit that we need to broaden our horizons since we often tend to stick with our favorites. So as we discover more of OC, I’ll update this often! Got a favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Favorite Breakfast

1: Barn 34


By far, our favorite breakfast in town! If you’re a crab lover, get the crabby eggs. You’ll thank me later. Oh, and be sure to get there early during peak seasons because lines at Barn 34 are formed by 9:00 am!

2: Bayside Skillet


Bayside Skillet is a close, close second favorite, especially now that they’ve added a fantastic outdoor bar and additional seating! Get the strawberry mimosa … it will make your morning!

3: The General’s Kitchen

Not only is their famous chipped beef gravy AMAZING, but The General holds a special place in my heart since I used the location for a scene in my first novel, Beauty Shop for Rent! The location has changed but they still have that hometown flair.

4: Uber Bagels

We admittedly mocked their name at first. But OH. MY. GOSH. Their bagels truly are amazing and well worth the trip to 128th Street! Order online since lines can get crazy.

Favorite Lunch

1: Longboard Cafe

Beside having the one of the BEST fries in OC and cute outdoor dining, there’s lots of shops nearby like Ron Jon Surf Shop and Patty Jean’s Boutique!

2: Rosenfeld’s Jewish Delicatessen

We finally stopped by for the first time last year and holy cow, the food there is so good with large portions!! No alcohol but your bill will be smaller. 😂

3: Anthony’s Liquors

Yes, I said liquors. But trust me that their deli menu is AMAZING!! Stop in for a lunchmeat sub to take out onto the beach. You won’t regret it!

Favorite Happy Hour

1: Bad Monkey

Whether you go to the 58th Street or Ocean Gateway locations, both happy hours are amazing! Two for one drinks 3:00-5:00. Go early for a seat at the bar and bring a coozie for your second drink!

2: Angler’s

MR Ducks is awesome but often crowded, so if you’re craving more space, head to the other side of the pier to Angler’s! Great ambience, lots of social-distanced tables, and they often have musical entertainment.

3: Barn 34

Barn 34 is always our go-to happy hour because of this guy, Rodney, our favorite OC bartener! If you stop by, tell him Laura and Bob say hello!

4: Coastal Salt

Coastal Salt is becoming a new must-do for us! Great atmosphere, friendly staff, a lovely view of the ocean, and awesome location right off the Boardwalk at 13th street!

5: MR Ducks


Before Covid, M.R. Ducks was our go-to happy hour spot and traditional first stop! Now that things are starting to calm down, we hope to return soon. Get there early for a stool!

Favorite Place for Dinner

1: Ropewalk

2: Sunset Grille

3: Fish Tales

Best Ocean City Crabcake … an ongoing search!

1: Coins Restaurant


3: Coastal Salt

Best Crabs

Best Pizza

Favorite Meal

1: Vegetable Stir Fry at Barn 34

2: Lasagne at Brother’s

3: Cheesesteak at Buxsy’s

Pictured is the cheesecake pierogies from Dry Dock 28 that are AMAZING but are off the menu for now. But the cheesecake at the connecting Buxy’s are DIVINE!

Best Salads for when you’re craving healthy!

1: Quinoa at Mickey Fins


Not only is Mickey Fins a super cool place for lunch, dinner, or happy hour, this salad is AMAZING!! Please don’t take it off the menu!

3: Durango at Tequila Mockingbird

Skip the cheese and tortilla chips, switch the dressing to the mango vinaigrette, add blackened grilled chicken and the Durango Ensalada is a healthy winner. Maravilloso!

Best Cocktails

1: Dirty Banana at Riptide’s

As you can tell from previous photos, I’m a Bud Light drinker who can’t handle liquor. BUT THIS DRINK!!! It’s so good and I can handle it!

2: Orange Crush at Harborside

Since Harborside is, according to their website, the home of the Orange Crush, how can I not include it? Oh, the fresh squeezed yumminess of it all!


Best Ice Cream

1: Dairy Queen

Okay, this might be sacriledge, not going with my #2 first, but the soft serve from Dairy Queen, (26th Street,) is amazing!

2: Dumser’s Dairyland

At a solid #2 is Dumser’s, which is an Ocean City tradition and often crowded because so! Try the banana split … is fantastic!

Favorite Activities

1: The beach!

Give me a beach chair, umbrella, and a book, and I’m a happy gal. With 10 miles of beach, there’s lots of spots for you! Hang out in the downtown Boardwalk area for more activities, (and public bathrooms,) and uptown for less crowds!

2: Biking around OC

3: Kayaking

Favorite Activity with a Fee

2: Distillery Tour at Seacrets

A lovely way to spend an hour! With over a million dollars of antiques, a history lesson about prohibition, three shots in a recreated speakeasy, plus lively chat from the guide and special guest, this $15.00 is a must-do for us once a year!

3: Mini Golf


There’s never a shortage of a place to play mini golf in Ocean City! Since I crave shade, our favorite is the indoor course at Old Pro on 68th Street.

Favorite Yearly Event

1: OC Air Show!

2: Sunfest

3: Springfest

Favorite Shop or Boutique

1: Ish at 36th

2: Ragamuffin at 26th

One of the cutest boutiques you’ll find at the beach!